pyTLEX is the Python library to perform temporal analysis of TimeML annotated texts. It takes TimeML annotated texts as input and then; extracts TimeML graphs from the texts, partitions TimeML graphs into temporally connected graphs, transforms them into Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Problems (TCSPs), extracts the timelines of TCSPs, detects temporal inconsistencies, identifies temporal indeterminacies, detects disconnectivity in TimeML graphs and fixes it, and validates the annotations using its sanity check algorithm. pyTLEX also visualizes each of its step in its React-based application. pyTLEX has been tested on the TimeBank files.


pyTLEX is written for the Python API and has the package namespace edu.fiu.pytlex. The distribution does not include the TimeBank files; these can be downloaded from the LDC download site. This version of the software is distributed under a license that makes it free to use for all purposes, as long as proper copyright acknowledgment is made.

User’s ManualUser Manual
pyTLEX Demo VideoYouTube Link
TLEX-Visualizer Demo VideoYouTube Link

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